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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Shore Fishing Rods

For those who are looking to buy a fishing rod but do not really know where to start looking for one, I would recommended that you look into getting a cheaper priced rod as you do not need the most expensive rod to fish with. A lot of new fishermen assume that a more expensive rod means that you will have an easier time catching a fish. This is not true and a rod is a lot like a baseball bat, or a hockey stick. A higher price just means that its more comfortable to use and will increase the features of the rod, but you can still use an older model. They will both end up catching you fish in the end.

Getting The Equipment For a Cheap Price

A trick that you should consider doing is looking for beginner combos with rods and reels, and perhaps some fishing tackle as well. Many bait shop owners will offer some kind of deal to new fishermen and this way you get everything at once for a fairly decent price.

Of course if you really wanted to look for the best deals on shore fishing rods, you would spend some time looking on online fishing stores as there are so many different stores that will give you a good price for a rod.

What Type Of Rod Do You Need?

The answer to this question really all depends on what type of shore fishing you will be doing. By what type of fishing I really mean where abouts you will be fishing in terms of location. If you are fishing on the beach you are going to want a rod that can cast a long distance. In order to do so you need a fairly long rod.

If you were to float fish off a dock or some place similar you would want a fishing rod that is fairly light to make it easier on the arms.

As you can see there are rods and some things to keep in mind when choosing a location to go fishing at. If you ask the owners of the shop they will help you pick out a rod that will suit you. Do not be afraid to ask why and learn about what rods work best because in the end you will need to purchase another one soon. You can expect to buy at least 2 fishing rods each year, if you fish regularly.

What To Do Next?

After you pick the right shore fishing rod, you are going to need to think about what type of reel and fishing line you need. If you need help with this, try reading this post I made a while back which talks about shore fishing tips.

Once again, I included a video that should help you learn some helpful Fishing Tips.

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Some Simple Shore Fishing Techniques

If you have noticed, I'm starting to update this blog a little bit more often. I feel that I kinda lacked in posting over the last couple of months and I apologize if I have let anyone down. I know some people love to shore fish, as well as myself so I'm trying to publish some more tips and tricks that will hopefully improve your fishing game.

So, every fishing style basically has its own techniques and different methods that you will need to master. Shore fishing is a little bit different then boat fishing as you are kinda limited as to where you can cast your line. As a result one thing you really need to learn how to do is cast your line into the water. The easiest reel for most fishermen to master and get used to is the spin casting reel. I also started out with this kind of reel as it is much easier to use. You are required to press the button and lift your arm over your shoulder and let her rip. Always make sure you have a little bit of slack in your line before casting, and let go of the button as soon as your arm is going in the forward motion.

ALSO, make sure that there is no one behind you, as getting a fishing hook in the lip is not a fun experience at all. It happens ALOT more then what most people would actually think, so pay attention to what is going on around you.

Fishing Locations

For fishing locations there are a few methods that I use. The first method is to ask other fishermen and see what works for the locals, especially if you are fishing in an area that you are unfamiliar with.

Most bait shop owners also know the area around their town or city pretty well, so a chat with them while you gear up might be a wise idea as well.

Most towns and cities will have networks of rivers and lakes that surround them. See if you can get a hold of a map and look for any types of lakes, ponds, and rivers that are on down the back roads.

As always, make sure that your hooks are sharp and that you are using the correct bait to catch your fish. If you want some tips on shore fishing tackle then check out my post I wrote earlier.

Shore Fishing Tackle

Well thats it for this quick post, stick around as I will be post much more over the next few days. I find that short smaller posts suit this blog better as you can get the information you want and then leave quickly. Long posts take forever to write and are hard to sit through and read, so look forward to more quick small updates here and there!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Shore Fishing Tackle

Fishing tackle comes in many different shapes, sizes, and of course all the colors of the rainbow. When walking into a bait shop it is fairly easy to get confused and lost with what to really look for.

Shore fishing is no different then any other type of fishing, as it requires certain peices of equipment and tackle depending on a few factors. I know, you probably came here too expecting to find a definite answer but the truth is you cannot really tell someone what to use as bait unless you know a few things about where they are fishing, what time of day, and what they are fishing for. If you can answer these questions then you can start to get some ideas and a foundation of what to use.

The most important thing to know is what type of fish you are catching or if you have nothing particular in mind and you just want to catch anything, what type of fish are living in the lake. If you have went fishing in this lake before then you probably have an idea on what types of fish are swimming in the water. If you are completely new, try asking local fishermen or anyone you see out on the lake, I'm sure they would be more then happy to help you out.

Once you know what fish are present, here comes the fun part...RESEARCH. Yes, you need to research the types of fish so that you know what they are attracted to and what types of lures will get them going. For example, if you were bass fishing, you would go on the internet and find out that bass love jigs, spinners, crankbaits, and worms. Doing this step is important and it will put you ahead of everyone else.

The size of your lures is also important as well. You do not need the worlds biggest lure to catch the biggest fish in the lake. The reason most people use larger lures at all is because it keeps smaller fish away. That being said, bigger fish are not attracted to larger lures.

For some more in-depth help you can always watch fishing shows for help with lure selection. Usually they will have random fishing tips that will help you. You can also go on youtube and find some help as well. To show you what I mean, I added a video at the end of this post with some shore fishing lure suggestions.

That all being said, find out what makes your fish tick, and you will know what types of lures are right for you. I pretty much say this every time as you can never really know whats going to work unless you ether try it out yourself or get some advice from another experienced fisherman.

As you can see, shrimp is the most popular piece of tackle if you were to fish in Florida.

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South Shore Fishing Locations

Shore fishing can be done in a quite a few locations. Some people prefer to fish up in the north as the scenery and nature is very nice. Especially if you compare it to the south where the water is bright blue and the oceans are windy and sunny. Although the north is a great place to fish I would have to say that the south is generally much more interesting because of the different species of fish you can catch.

When talking about south shore fishing it is fairly easy to get mixed up with the definite location you are referring to as many people define the south as a different place. For example, shore fishing from the south could mean in the United States if you are from Canada in places such as Florida, Hawaii, New Jersey or other similar locations. While for some people south fishing could mean places across the globe such as Australia.

Ether way you put it, you can expect fishing in these locations to be very different from what you are probably used to. When we went deep sea fishing in the Dominican we caught all kinds of fish that we have never even heard of before. They looked funny, put up a big fight and made it a pretty interesting fishing trip. Try reeling in a Maui and you will know exactly what I mean.

The one thing you need to keep in mind though is that south shore fishing usually involves you traveling. If you have ever traveled you know that you need to do some careful planning and its going to cost you some money as well.

The experience though is something most people only get once in a lifetime or not at all so I personally think its worth it to try southern fishing every once and a while.

Some places will allow you to fish from the shore but a lot of areas are beaches and will not let you so you may be better off renting a boat or getting someone to take you out fishing for the day.

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