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Thursday, May 5, 2011


Shore Fishing Rods

For those who are looking to buy a fishing rod but do not really know where to start looking for one, I would recommended that you look into getting a cheaper priced rod as you do not need the most expensive rod to fish with. A lot of new fishermen assume that a more expensive rod means that you will have an easier time catching a fish. This is not true and a rod is a lot like a baseball bat, or a hockey stick. A higher price just means that its more comfortable to use and will increase the features of the rod, but you can still use an older model. They will both end up catching you fish in the end.

Getting The Equipment For a Cheap Price

A trick that you should consider doing is looking for beginner combos with rods and reels, and perhaps some fishing tackle as well. Many bait shop owners will offer some kind of deal to new fishermen and this way you get everything at once for a fairly decent price.

Of course if you really wanted to look for the best deals on shore fishing rods, you would spend some time looking on online fishing stores as there are so many different stores that will give you a good price for a rod.

What Type Of Rod Do You Need?

The answer to this question really all depends on what type of shore fishing you will be doing. By what type of fishing I really mean where abouts you will be fishing in terms of location. If you are fishing on the beach you are going to want a rod that can cast a long distance. In order to do so you need a fairly long rod.

If you were to float fish off a dock or some place similar you would want a fishing rod that is fairly light to make it easier on the arms.

As you can see there are rods and some things to keep in mind when choosing a location to go fishing at. If you ask the owners of the shop they will help you pick out a rod that will suit you. Do not be afraid to ask why and learn about what rods work best because in the end you will need to purchase another one soon. You can expect to buy at least 2 fishing rods each year, if you fish regularly.

What To Do Next?

After you pick the right shore fishing rod, you are going to need to think about what type of reel and fishing line you need. If you need help with this, try reading this post I made a while back which talks about shore fishing tips.

Once again, I included a video that should help you learn some helpful Fishing Tips.

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