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Saturday, May 30, 2009


Fishing Tips

Fishing is something that many people like to do for sport and/or for fun. It's a great sport that can be very exciting and calming at the same time. It's a great recreation activity for anyone who is looking for something to do.

If you have never tried fishing before or always wanted to try it out then I strongly encourage you to take the time to do so. It is a great way to spend a hot and sunny afternoon.

If you need some information and help on shore fishing and many other types of fishing, then read on as I will be explaining some of the basics of fishing.

Types Of Fishing

There are many different types of fishing that you can try out. The type of fishing that you can do will mostly depend on the location of where you are fishing and what time of the season it is. Usually during the spring and summer, boat fishing and shore fishing are used the most.

This site focuses a lot on shore fishing tips but I also talk about many other styles of fishing as well.

During the winter ice fishing is commonly used the most as boat fishing and shore fishing is not possible.

Boat Fishing:

Boat fishing is probably one of the most common types of fishing. It simply involves fishing from a boat. The major advantage about this is that you can easily transport yourself across a lake fairly quickly.

If you find that one place isn't working or the fish just aren't simply biting, then you can just pack up and take five minutes to go down the lake and try a new spot out. This is the best thing about boat fishing. It's fairly easy to get from on end of the lake to another with a boat.

The downside is that owning a boat can be fairly expensive. Especially if you do not have the income to spare. You can always rent a boat but you will have to do this on a regular basis and that can add up over time.

Shore Fishing:

Shore fishing is the complete opposite of boat fishing. Fishing from the shore involves you fishing off of the mainland instead of in the middle of the lake on a boat. The best thing about shore fishing is that you don't have to spend too much time packing and getting ready to go on your fishing trip.

It's also very much cheaper then boat fishing. You won't have to pay to ether buy or rent a boat. Just like it's positive reasons though it also has its negative, you will be limited on the areas you can fish in.

If your feeling adventurous you can always explore to find some different areas but more then likely they will have other people fishing there. If you are fishing from shore you will have to accept that you won't have many locations to choose from and that you will have to share your fishing area with other fishermen.

Theres nothing wrong withe fishing with other families, just be sure that you look out for each other and your know basic fishing safety tips.

Now that I have gone over the two main types of fishing, I will mention a few but won't go into huge detail about them. If you want to learn more you can view the posts that I have written about them.

So other then shore fishing and boat fishing, you can go ice fishing, fly fishing, bass fishing, trout and salmon fishing and so on. There are many different types of fish that you can go for. Just remember that some types of fishing are more complicated then others.

If you are a beginner stick to the basics first and then go from there. Once you know the fundamentals you can then go about tackling some of the more advanced tactics of fishing.

Fishing Tips

Now I am going to go over some basic fishing tips. These can apply to almost any kind of fishing unless I specify otherwise.

The location that you choose to fish in is very important. You may think that fish swim everywhere in a lake but this is far from the truth. If you happen to be fishing off the shoreline you should pay special attention to what I am saying here because you will be limited as to where you can fish.

If you happen to be fishing for Bass, you can be sure to find them in very dark deep waters. This is because Bass fish love cool water. The other place to find Bass that is quite common is in shallow waters by the shore. Look for an area with rocks that stretch out and drop. Bass and other fish love to sit under these rocks and wait for bait to come swimming by.

Another generic place that you can try fishing is a weed bed. All types of fish generally hang out here because this is a popular feeding place for fish. Theres all kinds of bugs and stuff like that for them to eat here. Walleye, Bass, Crappie, Perch and many more types of fish hang out in this area.

The last place I'm going to talk about is river fishing. The fish that love to hang out in this area are Salmon and Trout. If you happen to be fishing for these two types of fish, try finding a river system on the map and fishing there.


The last thing I am going to talk about briefly is lures and bait.

The type of lures and bait will determine how well you will be able to catch fish. It's a good thing to note though that not one lure works best for one particular type of fish. You will need to experiment and try many different type of lures to see what will work for you.

Most fish can be caught using Jigs, and Powerbait. These are good things to start with and then go from there. If you are fishing from the shore and are catching Bass, then maybe try some Crankbait.

It all really depends on what you are fishing for and what the fish are biting. Just be sure to try many different types of tackle before you come to a final conclusion.

This is the end of this post so I hoped it helped you out with your fishing needs. If you want more information on shore fishing or any other styles of fishing just read some of my older posts on this blog.

You may also want to do a search online in order to get some ideas for some shore fishing rigs.

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Saturday, May 2, 2009


Shore Fishing With the Family

Fishing is a great way for you to get together with your family and fish away an afternoon. In order to get started and to enjoy a nice afternoon fishing there are some tips that you should take into consideration.

Firstly, be sure to plan everything out the day before you go. This way you can minimize wasted time and will be able to have more time fishing and having fun. Figure out this like, what to pack, where to go and for long you plan to stay at the lake.

Make sure that you and your children all have to right gear. This includes that your kids have rods, reels, tackle bait. If you end up forgetting any of this stuff then it is going to be a long way back to the house to pick it up.

Safety is very important; make sure that all of your fishing equipment is in top working order. Test the rods to see if they are still sturdy. When your kids need to put their tackle or bait on, if they are still young you should be doing it for them. It is fairly easy to cut yourself so it could be quite dangerous for a youngster to reach into a tackle box looking for a lure.

You should also go through with your children about the common practices that involve fishing. Teach them how to cast their line properly, how to tell if they have a fish on their line and how to reel it in. This will help to avoid frustration that is probably going to happen anyways but you can help keep it to a minimum by showing your kids in advance how to do things properly.

Lastly, just go out there and have fun. Don’t worry about the day’s concerns, just kick back and relax. Watch your kids catch their first fishes and have a blast in the process.

Shore fishing is a great activity for any family to take part in and is very easy and simple to understand.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

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Shore Fishing Safety Tips

Fishing can be a very fun and exciting sport, but it can also be very dangerous at the exact same time. Everyone who goes fishing should be aware of the safety that involves fishing. These rules or guidelines are not complicated but often they go ignored and that's when accidents begin to happen.

First thing you will want to do is check your equipment. Make sure all your rods, lines and reels are in top working order. Make sure your tackle and lures are all placed in a safe spot. If a little child or someone got a hand on those then there can be some pretty serious problems.

As a grown adult I can say that I still cut myself lots with my tackle box so a little kid won't stand a chance.

Shore Fishing Safety

The number one rule when it comes to shore fishing is to be completely aware of your surroundings! There will be many people around you and chances are someone is not going to be paying attention to what they are doing.

Lines get tangles and people get hooked so make sure you are paying attention. I've witnessed some pretty nasty accidents because kids and even adults weren't paying attention to what they were doing. Hooks are sharp and they will hurt you more then they won't.

If you are thinking of taking kids on a fishing trip, try to take them somewhere that is secluded or not crowded as much. Also, make sure that you are keeping an eye on them and watching their every move. Remember, they are still learning and you have to teach them about safety and fishing.

Although safety is very important the number one goal that you will want to teach yourself and your children is that fishing is just about fun. It can be competitive but its not always about catching the biggest fish.

Fishing is about having fun and enjoying a good sun burn the next day. It doesn't matter if you catch a lot of fish or not. As long as you have fun that's all that matters.

Teach your kids from day one about safety and they will carry it with them forever and you can be sure that the amount of accidents that happen from fishing will reduce drastically, and lets face it, fishing accident can be pretty brutal sometimes.

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Fishing For Trout From Shore

Trout fishing can be both fun and challenging for experienced anglers and new anglers to the fishing scene. There are some simple tips and more advanced tips. Some times we have to realize though that even the most simplest tips can have the greatest benefits. Fishing for trout is not hard but it can be if you let it get to you.

This page is going to feature some tips that will help you out the next time you go shore fishing for trout.

One of the very first things you should be looking at is your line. I'd recommend that you don't use anything to heavy. I usually try to keep it at about 6lbs or under. If you use a too thick of a line the trout will not go for your bait as they will see your line. Fish aren't smart but they are not completely stupid ether.

Next, check your fishing rod to make sure you are using the correct type for shore fishing. Just keep in mind that a longer rod and a light fishing reel is used more for shore fishing. This will just help you out and is not a necessary thing but it will make your life easier.

When it comes to your fishing tackle and bait, I highly recommend Powerbait. It is proven that Trout love this stuff, so it makes sense to use it when fishing for them right? You can also use worms as well, these don't work as well in my experiences but they still work nonetheless.

As I probably mentioned above, you will want to fish for trout from shore. Instead of using a boat, try looking for a river. It's much easier to access a river on foot then it is from in a boat so this is why when fishing for Trout you do so by shore.

Just remember, to reel in slowly, and be patient. If you are not getting any bites, try switching colors or even moving into a brand new spot. Sometimes the fish are not around or are not just biting and there's not much you can do about that.

For ideal times of day to fish, plan your trip in the morning or during evening time. These are prime feeding times for fish and will make your fishing trip a lot more fun and exciting.

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Fishing From The Shore

Shore or bank fishing is a very fun activity to do. It's very fun if you are doing it as a family activity and is very relaxing at the same time.

Although it might not have the benefits of boat fishing, like being able to travel and a much more variety of fishing locations, it can be just as much the fun. The only problem that some people may come across with shore fishing is that it can be crowded if you cannot find an area that is by itself.

If you can find a little area to yourself then you should be good to go. All you have to do then is cast your line in, grab a soda and a snack and sit back and wait for the fish to bite. This can be a great way to interact with your kids and just talk. It's also great for getting fresh air and getting out of the house.

Ask anyone who has been fishing for a whole day, you will sleep like a baby when you get home.

Ideally you will want to use a rod and reel to fish from the shore instead of nets. You can also choose to do a variety of fishing styles. Fly fishing is one of the styles that many fisherman practice from shore. Usually this involves catching Trout of Salmon.

If you are interested in fly fishing, keep in mind that Salmon are often found in fresh water on the Atlantic shore. Lake trout can usually be found if you prefer inland fishing on the banks.

However, if you are fishing from the shore you can expect to find a wide variety of fish including northern pike, sunfish, and bass, catfish, carp, perch, walleye and suckers.

Both boat fishing and Shore fishing has its benefits and disadvantages, but if you are just looking for a easy relaxing time with your family then I highly recommend shore fishing for you. It's easy and only takes a few minutes to back and get everything set up.

These memories will be important for you and your family as your children will remember these good times forever. Don't end up missing out on these great bonding chances.

I have found that fishing is one of my greatest past times. I enjoy all styles of fishing no matter what they may be. Some are more challenging then others but just as much fun.

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Shore Fishing For Bass

The following is just a small article with a few tips on fishing for Bass from Shore.

Trying to fish for bass on the shore can be a hard task, especially if you don’t know some of the key factors in fishing for bass. Knowing the time, temperature and location can be very important in determining how much fish you will catch on your fishing trip.

Although fishing from shore is not as nice as boat fishing, it can be much more relaxing and easier to set up. You won’t need to get a boat and you will spend much more time fishing instead of traveling up and down a lake. This means more time to catch those big lunkers.

The following post is going to give you some bass fishing tips that you can use the next time you set your boat on the lake.


When you are fishing for bass from the shoreline you will want to look for an area with deeper water and lots of weeds. Largemouth Bass love to hang out in this area. Midsummer is the best time of year to fish for bass.

If you can find a place with lots of weeds and fairly deep water then you are going to have a much easier time with finding Bass to fish for.

Time of Day

Any knowledgeable fisherman will know that the best times of day to go fishing are early in the morning and evening time. This is the prime feeding hour of fish so you can expect to get more fish at these times of day.

Bass fishing is no different than traditional fishing when it comes to time of day. They come out in the morning and at night.

Most fishermen trying to snag both Smallmouth and Largemouth bass will often search for rivers on maps to fish from. If you can find a river with many weeds and a slow moving current you can expect to find a lot of bass there.

This is one of the big benefits of shore fishing over boat fishing. With a boat you can’t get into those hard to reach areas but if you are fishing from shore you will have no problem getting there. This is a good benefit of fishing for Bass from shore.

Next time you decide to go fishing for Bass, consider fishing from shore instead of a boat. For some people this may be an option but for others it may not. Either way, if you can find a good location you can expect to catch your limit or very close to it every time you go fishing for Bass.

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